Dana York RM

“At the heart of the York Family, painting is a matter of DNA. Inevitably, little Dana could not deviate from the family tradition. Brushes in hands, and dreams in mind, from childhood she has been walking the winding, yet precious, path of artistic expression in all its forms. Because from piano to painting, for Dana, there is only one step to take, one note to play… It is by studying the ancestral history of the Ketouba that the click will occur. Dana York’s insatiable creative process is immediately carried away by these fascinating Hebrew marriage contracts in which illumination and calligraphy are poetically combined to endorse the most beautiful of promises…. Literally captivated by this traditional art from the 17th century School of Painting, the artist observes and analyzes forms, volumes, substances, and techniques, crisscrossing the planet from Italy to Germany, via Iran…

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