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Dana York

« At the heart of the York Family, painting is a question of DNA. Inévitable, Dana could not deviate from family tradition. With a Romanian arhitect artist mother, the american artist with Brushes in hands, and dreams in mind, she has been walking the winding, yet soprecious,pathofartisticexpressioninallitsforms. frompianotopainting,from science to research, for Dana, there is only one step to take, one note to play … It is by studying the ancestral history that will occur. Dana’s insatiable creative process is carried away by illumination and calligraphy poetically combine to confirm the most beautiful of promises »

« Literally spellbound by this traditional art from the 17th century School of Painting, the artist observes and analyzes forms, volumes, substances, and techniques, she opts for the art of reverse painting and chooses to express it on panels of glass or museum synthetic Cristal Glass. And no matter how fierce the technique makes it one of the most vigorous expressions of art! While some see Dana York’s work as a rereading inspired by the Venetian school, others feel drawn to his personal interpretation of these Ketubas, richly adorned with gilding, writings, and symbolic images. 2014… She then leaves this New York which saw her grow up, for the sun of the Côte d’Azur, she invites pastel blue, metallic tones, emerald green or bright yellow. Obviously, happiness is inspiring for the New York artist. If the works of Dana York place the feeling and the emotional, at the heart of the artwork, almost taking precedence over the technique, we find in her work,an astonishing and daring mixture of tradition and modernity! A new modern art inspiring Love, Tolerance and Peace ».

Gerard Granja Variation Magazine

« Dana York the artist who shines like the sun. This creator of a new genre brings us closer to an ancestral art of iconography. The paradox arises from the use in innovation of selected modern and minimalist themes. Which give back to this remote technique a full rise. Each work is diferent from the previous one with its own identity and as if in a window that opens onto a fabulous world from dreamlike to the real world. Like Plato’s cave, it symbolizes a miraculous opening to the outside world. Practicing the Gold symbol of the sun which illuminated the Egypt of the god RA of the powerful energy which governs the cycle of man’s labor from twilight to vesper… The silver of the lunar cycle which governs our dreams our evening imagination and restorative sleep Indispensable to human existence. By juggling like a creative magician, she takes us to the border between dream and reality. His enthusiasm, his communication is reflected in his pictorial action where everything is thought out and spontaneous, Remarkable »

2020 Frida Kahlo Award
2020 Leonardo Da Vinci Award
2019 GEMLUCART Monaco, Monte Carlo;
2019 Miquelangelo Award, in Rome, Italy;
2019 Salon de Art Contemporaine Maouns Sartoux, Lions International France;
2019 Mantua Biennale;
2019 Best Artist of the Year 2019 Mantua, Italy;
2019 Multi Art Event Cap Ferrat
2019 Mount Sartoux Expo Caritative Lions Autisme France 2018 Caravaggio Award Milano, Italie
2018 Exposition au Drome, Art and Design Magazine (Prix de la Rédaction) , Paris France . Prix de Jury
2018 Gemluc Art Auditorium Rannier III, Monte Carlo, Monaco
2018 Salon des Académie de Beaux Art de Paris, au Louvre, France
2018 Become Member of Academy of Art Science and Letters, Paris, France Médaille D’Argent
2018 Salon des Artiste de Monde Cannes (Prix du Jury), Cannes, France Prix du Jury
Salmagundi Art Show Samuel Leitman Mémorial Prix, New York, New York, USA;
2017 Salon des Académie de Beaux Art de Paris, au Louvre, France
2018 Exposition au Drome, Art and Design Magazine (Prix de la Rédaction) , Paris France
2017 Salon des Artiste de Monde Cannes (Prix du Jury), Cannes, France 2017 Salon Nordica Copenhague Danemark
2017 Gemluc Art Grimaldi Forum Monte Carlo Monaco 2017 Palm Beach Art Show, Cannes France
2017 Salon Miramar, Cannes – gagnante du prix 4 Emme Figurative, France
2017 Majestic Barriere Tango Exhibition Cannes France 2016 Château Suquet Personale Exhibition Cannes France 2015 The Urban Show Salmagundi Club, New York , USA 2015 The Nature Show Salmagundi Club, New York, USA

2006 – 2009 Common Exhibition Lafayette Gallery New York USA 2006 Common Exhibition Central Park Gallery New York , USA 2005 Common Exhibition Greenwich Gallery New York USA
2003 17 to 23 rd of December Gallery of Iconic Exhibition , Center national de conservation of Art and Tradition

2002 Exposition de Creation Popular Constatin Brancusi, the new year and the in the light Bucharest, 29.04_12.05 . The Sutu Palace
2002 19 December 2001 to 31st January 2002 exposition Constantin Brancusi at the Parliament Palace , popular creation
2001 December Parliament Palace, Bucharest, 9 -18 3rd floor gallery. National o翿 ce for documentary and research in art , 9 – 18 April
2001 21 – 31 may Museum Sutu museum of history of Bucharest ,organized by the center of conservation and value of the tradition and popular creation
2000 Member of the Ion Tuculescu Club of Doctor Artists
2000 Le Salon National de Art Religieuse 16 – 18 August
1999 Museums of History of Bucharest , Sutu Palace

1998 Viii Emme Salon National de art religieuse 20 – 24 Décembre 1998 Muséum Sutu d’Histoire e Art, 13 – 22 Avril page4 image38740288
1998 one painting is donated to the permanent collection of the Museum of History of Bucharest 1998 Viii Emme Salon International d’Art Religieux 10-14 Avril
Professional Expérience
In due Course :
Creation of the Windowns of the Synagogue of Cannes donation (allready donated 10 paintings)
Creation of the decoration of the Licorn Theatre (400 places, stage of 9 m
2015- present Professor Honorary PMS Dental College , India
2010- 2014 Clinical Assistant Professor of Cariology and Comprehensive Care,
New York University, NY, USA

2011 – PhD theses defended Laser
2010 – 2011 Academy of Distinguished Educators New York University USA 2008 Vocational Training Edinborough Scotland, UK
2002 – 2005 MS Biophysics and Cellular Technology
1992 – 1998 Doctor In Dental Surgery
1988 – 1990 Beaux Arts Nicolae Tonitza

Professor Honors , Advance Science Department,

Trivandrum, India

Clinical Assistant Professor New York University College of Dentistry

2010 – Academia of Distinguish Educators, New York University, NY, NY, USA

PhD in Lasers in Periodontology
Master of Science in Biophisics and Cellular Technology
Doctor in Periodontal Surgery

2018 Académie du Art Science et Lettres , Médaille d Argent, Paris France
2018 President of the European Medical Laser Association
2015 Best Paper Award , International Academy of Lasers in Medicine and Surgery detox Mercury & lllt
2012 – President of the British Chapter of the European Medical Laser Association
2011- Board Membre of the Research Advisory Comity of New York University College of Dentistry
2002 Best Paper Award – “Laser Therapy used in the treatment of peril-apical dental infection”, INSTITUTION: International Academy for Laser in Surgery and Medicine.
Laser Florence European Union Scientific Event, Florence Italy.

2020 Member of the Association « Femme World Leaders Monaco » 2019 Vice President de Bney Brit Cannes, France
2019 Member of Mondial Art Academia, France
2018 Member of the Academy of Art Science & Letters

2017 President of European Medical Laser Association
2018 Member Lions Club International and Lions Club Cannes Film Festival, France 2017 2015 Member de l’Association AFCAE, French Chinese Art Friendship 2015

Member of Salmagundi Art Club, USA

2010 Member of the Players Club, New York, NY, USA,
2010 Member of American Academy of Research & Science
2008 Young Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine, UK
2006 Membre of the scientific committee of the of Laser Therapy Journal, Tokyo, Japan 2006 Member of National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences – New York Chapter.

Book Chapters and Monographs:

In ZAGREB, chief editor: Prof. A. Simunovich, under the tutelage of European Medical Laser Association Chapter XXXVIII – Low Level Laser Therapy in the treatment of periodontal disease Laser in medicine, surgery

Invited Presentations: 2010 – Title: Parodontologie and Laser, Inviting Organization: World Association for Laser Therapy Bergen, Norway

Chair :

2018 Asia Pacific Lasers in Medicine Association, Bangkok, Thailand

2009 – International Phototherapy Association, Japan, Suwa City,

2005 – Association for Laser Therapy: International Conference, Guaruja, Brazil,

Other Presentations:

2009 – Speaker for Educational Exchange Competition:
“Laser in Periodontal Disease”, American Dental Association, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, USA,

Charité Service:

2019 Lions Club Maoun Sartoux, benefit des diabetics
2019 Le couer de femmes , Donation de tableaux de 40000 Euro as well 2018, 2017
2018 Donation for Autisme France et L’Association Les Virtuoses, Cannes,
2017 Lion Club International , Lions Film Festival, Cannes, France.