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Caligraphy, gold, oil paints, silk ink, on plexy, angels protecting the familly, the “blason” of monaco with the Monk founder, the portret in band desine of those 2 wonderful Prince and Princess up sorounded by Olives Branches, the entire familly together, Albert, Charlyne, Gabrielle & future leade of Monaco Jackque.

The letter made for our Monsegnior from the Association of Femme Leader Mondial Monaco, that is where Dana is a prouf member. Dana decided to give this gift on behalf of our beautiful organisation

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on the way from the Yacht Club, we wrapped the painting in nice 2 ribbons, one pink ( for a girl ) one blue ( for a boy ), as this painting represent a beautiful young familly with a boy and a girl

Dana is transporting ny train from Cannes to Monaco the new made painting that it is to be given as a gift to our Monsegnior Prince Albert.

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